Luttenberg, village

Luttenberg is located in the region Salland, roughly between the medieval Hanseatic cities of Deventer and Zwolle. The village has approximately 2200 inhabitants and is called “The Gem of Salland” It’s nicely located and a good base for exploring the area.

About a kilometer from the B&B there’s a major “Touristic Transfer Point”. This is a place where nice bike rides and hikes start.

Luttenberg means tall mountain. It is  a bit hilly in the area (for Dutch standards) and it offers nice views towards the surrounding National Park.

In the village you’ll find two café-restaurants (with some pub food and plate service), a supermarket, bike rental, two museums and some nice shops: Grotzooi with vintage furniture and Zus&Zo with ‘living and giving’.

If you want to visit a Dutch farm, nearby Buitengewoon offers a guided tour where you can see animals, production and two cow milking robots. There’s a shop with traditional and local foods as well.




National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug (Salland Wolds)

A couple of kilometers away is National Park De Sallandse Heuvelrug. It contains one of the biggest dry heather areas in Western Europe.

Sloping heatherfields are found here in between mixed forest. Here you can hike, (mountain)bike or go for a walk with a ranger. Maybe you’ll see a grouse!

It’s a great area for lovers of nature. It’s a very varying landscape, with nice views.




Nice cities and villages in the area

BuitenOosten is located about five kilometers from Hellendoorn. This is an old village with an Roman Church from the 1200’s. There are some walking trails en beautiful bike trails along the river Regge. You can also rent a cano here.

You could visit Ommen or Holten as well. They’re pretty nearby (about 15 k’s)

It’s a very nice drive along the river IJssel. You’ll see a lot of orchards and historical farm houses. There are some castles, landhouses and forests.

Deventer is a very old medieval city, member of the rich Hansa. It’s 25 kilometers from the B&B. Here a lot of great shops, restaurants and fantastic architecture. We lived here, so we know were to go!

Zwolle is the capital of Overijssel Province. It’s also an Hanseatic city with heaps of old buildings, good restaurants (including the best in the whole country) and famous museum De Fundatie.

Do you want to know what’s going on in Luttenberg and Salland, while you’re there? Have a look at these app’s!