Day care

Nowadays everything goes faster and a lot of people seem to be in a hurry all the time and the whole society should participate. But what if you can not go faster than your own pace? Or maybe you could do it, but only with the right conditions and under the right circumstances? We believe that a combination of space, fresh air and a nice vibe is good for a person and that this has a positive effect. This is a basis to feel comfortable and this enables one be open to things that happen around you, so you can better develop / deploy. Whether this is at your own pace, or you just need someone that encourages or assists. At BuitenOosten you can do work or activities that you like. Because nothing is nicer than doing work you like! We also try to encourage you to try new things. Structure is offered where needed and looseness where it can.

People with disabilities can on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (from 9.00 to 16.00)  work with us and help us with tasks around the house and in our Bed & Breakfast. For example, work in the vegetable garden or (small) animal care, household jobs in the house and Bed & Breakfast, chores, creative activities in the workplace, etc. In between, we drink coffee or tea and we eat in our farm kitchen. We always try to have a good day together. If you think this might be a nice place for you, you can make an appointment to come and have a look. We can then discuss what work or activities you’d like to do or what you would like to learn. 

If you have a personal budget, you can start at short notice. Ask us about the possibilities! For questions or more information (including information about counseling outside the above hours), please contact us.